A Little Bit of Ancient History

Organo Cement Technology

The uniqueness of the chemistry that is employed in the products which Flexco manufactures and distributes, is based on an ancient and proven technology from other civilisations.

We call this chemistry Organo Cement Technology.

This technology solves the problem of post cure water degradation, often the curse of like products, utilising conventional water based chemistries that use organic emulsions which originate from the petroleum industry.

This handicap limits where and how they are used.

This Organo Cement Technology was first used by the ancient Druids in Wales, where they made very durable and strong adhesives and mortars from ox blood and lime. The Incas in Peru, ground down certain plants and by introducing an alkali managed to make their version of adhesives. "Roman Cement" was made by the Romans and formed the basis for their sewer construction and buildings. By mixing silica rich volcanic ash, aluminate rich river mud and lime, the durability was such that many of the structures still remain intact today.

With the introduction of modern day Portland cements and innovations such as epoxies in the 20th century, a lot of this ancient technology was forgotten. Unfortunately the world is now beginning to realise the negative effects of these modern innovations, such as the CO2 emissions from cement manufacture contributing to global warming, and the noxious fumes and chemical sensitivity risks associated with epoxies.

However doors are always meant to be opened, just as easily as they can be closed. Utilising a modern day equivalent of what was discovered by our ancient civilisations, has meant that Flexco has the ability to offer more versatile and durable products which are user and environmentally friendly.

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